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Participation for people who experience mental illness is both important to assist in making important decisions in things such as one’s treatment choice, but also in providing feedback and input to policy makers, health services, advocacy organisations such as NSWCAG, and the government about how best to shape service delivery in the future. Participation also refers to how people living with mental illness can be engaged in the community, employment, training and education.

Participation is very beneficial for people who live with mental illness, and it has been shown that people with access to social networks cope better with the challenges they face in life.

Australian Policy

The Australian Government identifies in the National Mental Health Plan that it is important to strengthen the mechanisms that support consumer participation in decision-making at all levels. The NSW mental health plan A New Direction for Mental Health outlines that a key area for focus is to “increase the participation of people with a mental illness in the community, employment, education and training”.

Ways to Participate

  • Through opportunities to provide feedback about services, through consultation with mental health organisations, health services and consumer groups
  • Through opportunities for committee representation
  • In community groups, such as consumer and support groups, and social networks
  • Volunteering
  • Through opportunities for employment, further training and learning new skills
  • Becoming involved in mental health advocacy and aware of issues that affect people living with mental illness
  • Through the internet, such as accessing information, participating in online forums and discussion groups  

Having your say

If you use mental health services and would like to have a say on issues relevant to mental health, we need to hear from you. Your input enables us to give the government the relevant advice. A good way to stay in touch with NSWCAG is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. You could also become a member, see below.

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Get involved with NSWCAG

To get involved in NSWCAG you may also like to become a Member or Associate Member. Members of NSWCAG play an important role in the direction of the organisation by participating in Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings and voting in the Trustees to the NSWCAG Board.

Membership is opened to individuals who are:

  • A Consumer (a person who has or has had a mental illness)
  • Residents of NSW
  • 16 years and over
  • Not an employee of NSWCAG
  • Has not been an employee of NSWCAG for more than 3 months

Membership is not currently available to organisations. If you are not a Consumer you are still eligible to join as an associate member.

If you are not a Consumer, you can become an Associate Member, associate membership is opened to individuals who are:

  • An person who is not a Consumer
  • Resident of NSW
  • 16 years and over
  • Not an employee of NSWCAG
  • Has not been an employee of NSWCAG for more than 3 months

All Members will be eligible to receive a quarterly newsletter and fortnightly E-News with information, opportunities to participate, events, current issues, other’s stories, conferences, consultations and more.

For more information and to become a Member go to MEMBERSHIP .

Frequently Asked Questions about Membership to NSWCAG.

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