National Standards for Mental Health Services

National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010

The revised National Standards for Mental Health Services were released in September 2010.

The key changes to the 2010 Standards are:

  • The addition of a Recovery Standard; and
  • The expansion of the applicability of the 2010 Standards.

The range of services that the 2010 Standards are now applicable to include:

  • The public health system (inpatient, rehabilitation and community) and private hospitals;
  • Private office based providers; and
  • NGOs.

An electronic copy of the 2010 Standards can be accessed via the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA) website, or by opening the following hyperlink:
National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010

Hard copies of the Standards are currently being printed by DOHA and NSW Health will be distributing these to key NSW stakeholders and service providers prior to the end of 2010. Further hard copies will be available from NSW Health or DOHA mailing houses.

The 2010 Standards will be incorporated into the relevant accreditation programs, and a national forum is being held in December to explore processes for this.

Guidelines to support implementation of the 2010 Standards have been developed and are also being printed. An update on their availability will be provided at a later stage.

For further information, contact Rochelle Kelly, Senior Policy Officer, Clinical Governance Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol Office.

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