Current Consultations

About Consultations

NSWCAG regularly visits towns across the NSW to hear about the experiences of people who use mental health services. This information is used to inform the government about what needs to be done to provide better support and services for people with mental illness in NSW.

The consultations are run quite informally, and provide mental health consumers with an opportunity to have their say about the mental health system – what they do and don’t like about the system, and what they think needs to change to ensure that all consumers experience equality in accessing services. Occasionally we will also host consultations which focus on specific issues, which will then influence NSWCAG’s advocacy work.

Information about NSWCAG’s upcoming consultations is updated regularly on the website, and also promoted through our network. If you, a consumer group, or your service is keen to host a community consultation in your local area, contact NSWCAG at 

Important: There are two ways to participate in this webinar:

  • Online using a computer:  you need broadband internet access, a microphone and speaker


  • By telephone: the phone number will be sent to you once your registration has been confirmed. 

To read about what a webinar consultation is and what you need to participate, click here:  What is a webinar consultation.

For more information about the project, “There’s No Place Like Home”, visit NSWCAG website:

We would like to thank Desley Casey, Every Day People Communications for hosting and supporting this webinar consultation.

Are you an older person who has used mental health services?

NSWCAG is currently looking at the issues affecting older people with mental illness, and would like information to inform our future submissions. We hope to speak to many consumers or their carers over the coming months. We will be organising consultations both in Sydney and in rural NSW, and would like to hear your experience or stories. Please contact us on 9136 5130.

Would you be interested in becoming an older person representative?

  • Are you an older person currently using mental health services?
  • Would you like to have a greater say on policy decisions affecting you and others like you?
  • Or do you know someone who would say YES to the above questions?